Want to be on a record?

The Effie Afton will commence recording in the days to come. Our first record will be out by the summer. We will have tees and copies of the record at our shows over the summer, so be sure to check back often. We’ll be posting updates, pictures, and videos from the recording process. We have a song we’d like as many people as possible to sing on so if you’re interested in being on a record, just let us know!

Putting our best foot forward

The Effie Afton has a feature article available at http://localscenemag.com/node/TheEffieAfton. We are playing a Music Education Benefit on April 19th. It is being put on by the local scene magazine. We will be sharing the stage with local ska band, Fairhaven. Other bands on the bill are being announced as the date gets closer. We are SUPER excited about this show. Thanks to Roberta Osmers for the awesome article, and for the hard work you do with the Local Scene Mag and with this benefit.


We are also beginning work on our first full length soon. We are currently booking studio time. We have some great folks helping us with this record! We will give more information about them as we get further along in the recording process. It’s looking like the LP is going to include “This Gentle Breeze”, “Truth Lies”, “Nothing Feels the Same”, “Great Divide”, “The Sound”, “Say Goodbye”, and “Leaving Here Alone”. Plans for a CD release party are still in the works. The record will be available around May/June. As if this is not enough, The Effie Afton has also been working on new material just for you.


The tour we’ve been planning for May is being pushed back to June or July. We are still figuring out dates for this tour, dependent on what awesome bands we can play with. If you know of any bands/venues that accommodate touring acts, have them contact us at theeffieafton@gmail.com. Have a great day!

My plate is getting full. It’s awesome!

Hey all, Thanks to those who came out on Friday evening to see us at Brewed Awakenings. I know it was cold out, but we really like to play for you. You will have some more opportunities to listen in the near future. Our next show is on Wednesday January 29th at the Rozz-Tox with Lewis Knudsen and Brett Newski.


I hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm. I know I am. I have uploaded our new …in rehearsal cd to our bandcamp page. We are still working on getting the rights to be able to release the live version of Say Goodbye because of the Crazy Train Solo. I’ll let you know once we get it uploaded. We recorded that rehearsal on 01/01/2014. We all agree it’s the best way to ring in the new year.


Toomey got a pretty new drumset. It will be going on the new EP, which we are going to start work on within the next 2 weeks or so. I’ll keep you updated.


Have a great week!


Hey guys, sorry for the delay. Christmas was a busy time. Hope your Christmas was as good as mine. I was pretty excited to receive a record player and the 10th anniversary release of Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism. What did you get for Christmas? Leave a comment and let me know!


In other news, we have some more gigs scheduled so check in regularly and let us brighten your day with some music. Our next gig is at Brewed Awakenings this Friday. It will be our first performance in the Quad Cities since we played at RIBCO in September. We’re all really excited for it. We are singing 4 part harmonies on a song, 3 parts on another, and changing things up to keep you guessing. We also have a show on January 29th and February 7th. February 7th is the Battle of the Bands at RIBCO, so be sure to come out and vote for us.


On a different note, we’re working on an EP. We’ve come up with several album art concepts, but not any that we think is right. If you have any ideas or creative abilities, your ideas would be much appreciated. Just comment or email us at theeffieafton@gmail.com.


Hey guys, sorry for the late post. We had a busy weekend. Didn’t sleep at all on Friday because of a great conversation with another singer/songwriter. Saturday we rehearsed and recorded our rehearsal. I would have posted some recordings from said rehearsal, but upon finishing our practice found out that Ableton had crashed. No worries though, we still had a good practice and thats what matters, right?


We do have a show coming up on 01.03.14 though with Comfort. I’m super excited for this show. Ian Lambach is the singer/songwriter for Comfort, and does a great job. This weekend I also managed to book us a gig at the Rozz-Tox for 01.29.14 with Brett Newski and Lewis Knudsen. I’m not too familiar with them, although what I’ve found online sounds awesome. Links to Comfort, Brett Newski, and Lewis Knudsen’s sites are at the bottom of the post.


I have also been working on album art for our EP, but no one can seem to agree on anything. I think I’m going to post the images on our site, and you can just let me know which one you like. That seems like a good way to do it, I think. I’ll keep you posted when I do that. I will also be uploading some videos to youtube soon, so you can check those out. Take Care!




Comfort: cmfrt.bandcamp.com

Brett Newski: brettnewski.com

Lewis Knudsen: lewisknudsen.com

It’s Friday

Hey, this is my first post. I’ll be posting here regularly about day to day life, whats going on in the band, and other stuff that I’m interested in.


Lately, we’ve been pretty busy planning for the spring. We’re booking a 5 date tour for the April/May period. It will take us through Rockford, Madison, Chicago, and Champaign-Urbana. In preparation for the tour, we’re rerecording our EP as well as adding a song to it. We are also working on designing tshirts. Toomey has been on vacation for the last week so we haven’t had practice in a while. Getting together this weekend.


I’ve been listening to Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot lately. I have very mixed feelings. The melodies are pretty good, but I’m not a big fan of the sound of the drums. I really dig the song “I am trying to break your heart”. I still don’t care for this LP as much as I like Wilco the Album.


I’ll be posting here regularly, so be sure to keep up with whats going on in The Effie Afton and check back frequently!


To tide you over, Here’s a video:

Upcoming CD

The Effie Afton is working on a full length record. We do not have a release date yet, or even a for-sure track list. We will be posting different possibilities and demos we’re recording for your listening pleasure. We’d love to hear your feedback on what should and shouldn’t make the cut. Also performing on our new record will be our latest addition to the band, Anthony Lloyd. We’ll keep you posted about updates but to tide you over, here’s the first demo!


The Effie Afton EP Review

Review Image


“The defining characteristic of the self-titled EP from the Quad Cities band the Effie Afton is a pillowy softness – from the singing to the playing to the layer of gauze over the whole affair. Its four songs over 17 minutes are on the somnambulant side, even on the up-tempo “Great Divide” and the standout closing track, “Say Goodbye.” But in a sly trick, this vibe masks a striking evolution over the course of the EP….”


Read the rest of the review here.